I enjoy helping people overcome health challenges and improving their quality of life.

“Just wanted to write and tell you how much less pain I’m since I started going to you.  I have done many types of massages, acupuncture, rolfing, Pilates, etc.  Nothing has made as much of an impact as your work has.  Your work has addressed and either eliminated or lessened pain I’ve had for years.  Your work is amazing.  I can’t say how satisfied I am with your unique type of comfortable massage.”

I am in health care. I found this experience to be intuitive and comprehensive. Dale takes a full body approach to his treatment and incorporates a variety of techniques and professional experiences. He first focuses in on your comments and concerns and then goes to work to help resolve issues of the body/spirit. He even makes dietary and supplement recommendations. I found it to be a helpful and beneficial experience.”

“Working with Dale Hicks of Boulder Zen Shiatsu was the most beneficial and productive healthcare experience I have had. I went to him with stomach and digestive problems that I have had for years and within a few sessions was completely healed.

I am now continuing to work with him on other underlying issues that I had thought were just age related – hip pain and exhaustion. But Dale accurately identified and is helping resolve theses issues also. I have never felt better in my life.

In addition to Shiatsu treatments (which are like a deep massage or maybe more accurately, accupunture without needles – working on meridians and balance) Dale is a genius regarding herbal and supplemental as well as dietary recommendations. Truly the best and most production alternative health care experience I have had. Moreover, Dale has a generous payment policy – based on ability to pay. I highly highly recommend him.”

Dale has a masterful touch with massage. I have found the zen shiatsu method to be especially helpful for my stiff and sore joints, as the technique involves bending and stretching them through a range of motion. Dale is warm, caring, and knowledgeable about various aspects of Chinese medicine, including herbs. I recommend him very highly! He’s a gem.

 Neck Stretch

I met Dale Hicks at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy on Pearl St. He is there every Fri. from 1 to 5PM if you want to try a quick session like I did. I felt immediate relief and realized then that he could help me with the on going pain from my neck and sciatic nerve that goes down to my toes and extends throughout the entire right side of my body. I have been experiencing this for 26 years. Dale has incredible knowledge he spent about 2 hrs with me the first full session, asked me many questions, looked at my tongue, recommended herbs and performed a very professional Shiatsu massage. I left feeling euphoric as the pain was diminished more than I could have ever hoped for. I try to go see him every 2 weeks. From his treatments, I have found that I sleep better and I can now lay on my right side without discomfort, my digestion has improved tremendously. I am able to perform tasks that would normally put me in debilitating pain and interrupt my regular sleep, work and play. I get through the days now with minimal pain and feel like a new person! Thank you, Dale :)


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