About Dale Hicks

Dale HicksDale has been practicing Zen Shiatsu since 1994 and teaching Zen Shiatsu since 2001. He has worked at two world class spas and taught at Arizona School of Integrative Studies for four years and was the Zen Shiatsu program director at Eight Branches, School of Asian Bodywork for three years.

He studied Floor, Table and Chair Zen Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Theory and Ampuku under Sensei Ping Lee, the founder of Taikyo Shiatsu.

Dale has studied Taiji (Tai Chi), Qigong and Yoga and incorporates these healing arts into his practice.

“I enjoy helping people overcome health challenges and improving their quality of life.”

“What I really like about Zen Shiatsu is it combines the effectiveness of acupuncture with the feel good of a massage, so you get the best of both worlds.”

The immediate results are seen on the clients’ face after a treatment and the deeper results are seen when the client receives a certain amount of treatments over a period of time.

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