Allergy and Food Sensitivity Elimination

Signs and Symptoms

Do you experience any of the following: gas, nausea, bloating, tiredness, acid reflex, heartburn, inflammation of joints, swelling of abdomen, skin problems, loose stools, constipation, headaches?
Are there any foods you avoid eating ? Is there anything in the environment that bothers you such as: perfume, detergents, pollen, grasses, trees, dust?
If any of the above apply to you there is a strong possibility that you have allergies and/or food sensitives.

What is Allergy and Food Sensitivity Elimination Made Easy?

The system that I practice Allergy Elimination Made Easy focuses on the root of food sensitivies and allergies, emotional events/traumas and there accompanying negative charge or emotions. Through applied kineseology I am able to quickly find the allergies and food sensitivies that are attributing poor or repressed health. I clear the allergen or sensitivity on three levels: physical, chemical and emotional. If the emotional charge does not clear when clearing the first two levels then I muscle test for the age and month the emotional event(s) occured and using proven techniques in minutes clear the charge of the event and the related food sensitivity or allergy.

What is an allergy or Food Sensitivity?

An allergy or food sensitivity, as defined here, is an overreaction of the nervous system. Why is the nervous system overreacting? We all carry physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds and traumas i.e., charges that have been unresolved or at least not fully resolved. These charges are stored throughout the body in it’s various systems and become associated with food, environment, places, people etc.. Who can Benefit? This system has been proven to effectively clear food sensitivities, allergies, bacteria, fungus, viruses and has even been shown to improve or eliminate the symptoms of autoimmune disorders.


Initial Comprehensive visit: 90 minutes for $115
Initial intake includes a comprehensive intake that is based in Chinese Theory, meridian energy level assessment, and food sensitivity and allergy testing to establish a overall baseline. The practitioner and client together devise a strategy that will best meet the needs of the client to improve health and strengthen vitality.

Followup visits: