What does a comprehensive intake entail?

A comprehensive intake is a thorough, verbal intake where I am gathering information about your health and lifestyle habits which includes tongue and pulse assessing. This intake last approximately seventy-five minutes.

With the information I gather I am able to see patterns of disharmony and put them together in order of importance. From this information I then make recommendations in regards to lifestyle, diet and suggested Chinese herbs to take.

The Chinese Herbal apothecary that I use is over 140 herbs in stock. I put together a formula (averaging 12 herbs but can and does vary) specific for the clients needs based upon his/her unique patterns of disharmony.

Together, with dietary and lifestyle changes, Chinese herbs, Zen Shiatsu, Coaching and Allergy Illimination I am able to address many ailments and health challenges, helping the client live a richer, happier and more vibrant life.


75 minutes – $115