I work with couples and individuals and kids incorporating an eclectic background that includes ESH (Emotive Sub-self Healing), NVC (Non Violent Communication), Mind Body Mapping, 24 years of practicing Zen Shiatsu and currently participating in the Higher Alignment Coaching program.
Having an extensive background in Bodywork that helps me to tune into the modalities of Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts and Emotions and the subtleties in the space around and between the client and myself. This creates a container for the client to deepen into their intuition or knowingness, expanding awareness and dropping into Wisdom.

I enjoy helping and supporting the client or couple discover their creative compatibilities and inhabiting their specific balance of Yin and Yang (Feminine and Masculine). Utilizing Spacious Presence, Pregnant Duration and Skillful Means we explore what is in the way of being present, showing up and fully engaging life. Tools, exercises and suggestions are imparted to further practice and create a way of being that is more satisfying and fulfilling. This is not about changing who you but shedding the layers of who you are not and allowing your authentic self to emerge.